2009 – 2010
Organizing and participating in public meetings and debates with local authorities and communities in the Mediaşului Plateau area, in order to implement the European program for rural development LEADER+ and to promote the importance of maintaining traditional agricultural practices.

2004 – 2010
The EcoTransilvania team has coordinated and participated in numerous extracurricular educational activities with children and schools in Sighişoara and the neighboring villages, especially in the “Breite Secular Oaks” Reservation: observations and orientation in nature, practical workshops during the Breite Reservation Day (2009) and Oak Holidays (2010), planting seedlings within the "One Oak for Every School" campaign and more.

2006 – 2010
Promoting ecotourism in the Sighişoara - Târnava Mare area, by guiding hiking tourists and creating a brochure dedicated to bird species in the Mălâncrav village.