Living History: Grundtvig Partnership

Ecotransilvania is a partner in a European project dedicated to the promotion of medieval history, which includes organizations from six countries: Poland, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus and Romania.

Funded by the Grundtvig sectoral program under the Lifelong Learning Program, the project takes place over two years, during which more than 300 people from the six partner countries will participate in educational activities in the other countries.

The main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of experience in adult learning, in particular by using a participatory method known as "living history".

“Living history” activities communicate historical information and knowledge in an interactive way where participants dress up, use objects, or perform activities characteristic of a certain historical period.

The session in Romania will take place in June 2015, in the area of the Transylvanian Saxon villages, whose exceptional value is recognized internationally by including them on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The partner organizations are: Instytut Działań Twórczych (coordinator) - Poland, Epimorfotika Larnakas Kentron Agiou Lazarou - Cyprus, Biedriba "NVO OZOLS" - Latvia, Associazione Culturale Fatalamanga 23 - Italy, and GEDIKOREN KOYU KULTUR ve DAYANISMA DERNEGI - Turkey.

The website dedicated to the project can be visited at