Traditional Orchards

Project title: Conservation of extensive orchards and local fruit varieties - key elements of the traditional landscape of Transylvania

Project funded through EEA grants 2009-2014, within the NGO Fund in Romania

Promoter: Ecotransilvania Educational Ecological Association, Sighișoara

Partner: Timotei Cipariu Technological High School, Dumbrăveni

Implementation period: 1 July 2014 - 30 April 2016

Location: Sighisoara - Dumbrăveni - Medias area, comprising mainly the localities of the Natura 2000 site Sighisoara - Tarnava Mare and those from the GAL association Mediasului Plateau.

Total budget: 77,523 eur

NGO Fund funding: 66,000 eur


Project Summary:

The project "Conservation of extensive orchards and local fruit varieties - key elements of the traditional landscape of Transylvania", proposed by Ecotransilvania Ecological Educational Association in partnership with the Timotei Cipariu Technological High School, contributes to preserving the traditional landscape of South-Eastern Transylvania by preserving orchards and varieties of traditional fruit.

The issues addressed are: the disappearance of varieties and local fruit varieties, the abandonment of the traditional orchards used extensively, and - consequently - the degradation of biodiversity. The project activities include the establishment of a nursery with local varieties, the organization of practical training workshops for young people, the establishment of a thematic network of NGOs interested in the fruit tree heritage of Transylvania, the organization of a traditional fruit fair, the documentation and publication of traditional knowledge, practices and habits related to the selection, storage and preparation of the fruit.  

The project aims to directly involve 864 people - local citizens, pupils and teachers, local authorities, NGOs and members of the public.